Below are some digital shorts I’ve written & directed, as well as some of my full length sketch & improv shows with Michinoku Driver & The High Ceilings.

Feature Films
Below is the trailer for Uncommon Law, the first feature film I wrote & directed.

Digital Shorts
I wrote & directed the following videos with my production company, Cold Silver Films. You can see more on Funny or Die and YouTube.

The High Ceilings Go To Azeroth: My first machinima, a promotional video for The High Ceilings’ “Achievement Unlocked: The Improvised Video Game.”

Cowboys vs. Aliens vs. Everything: Cowboys & Aliens was an amazing idea for a movie. But we don’t think they went far enough.

Antichrist Pregnancy Test: Worried that your future child might be the antichrist? Well fear no more, with the Apocalypse Prevention Home Pregnancy Test!

Full Shows
Michinoku Driver: 2015 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival: An all-new show where Brian & John tackle everything from misunderstood undersea predators to prehistoric Renaissance men.

Michinoku Driver presents “Off The Record”: Brian & John take a humorous look at the difficult & defining moments in their lives, exploring themes of love, loss, & disappointment through such skewed lenses as broken bank robbers, lovelorn robots, and lonely zombie hunters.

Michinoku Driver presents “An Even Briefer Misunderstanding of A Brief Understanding of Time”: Brian & John are seekers of knowledge, and it is to this end that they have conceived an ambitious 20 minute condensed version of Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time.” There’s just one minor setback: They haven’t actually read the book.

The High Ceilings present “Achievement Unlocked: The Improvised Video Game”: Tonight’s episode, “Ice Kingdom,” follows the adventures of Barometer Barry as he uses his powers of weather clairvoyance to battle the evil Dax!

The High Ceilings Valentine’s Day Show: Brian, John, & Dax celebrate life, love, and… penguins.