Brian Work

Brian Work is a writer, filmmaker, actor, and theatre teacher from Atlanta, GA. He is the author of the YA fantasy novel Into the Black, due out August 2. It is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Brian is also the writer/director of the feature film Uncommon Law. DVDs & Blu-Rays are available in the shop on this site; it is also available for digital purchase/rental on Amazon.

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Into The Black

Sydney always wanted more from life than working on his father’s ranch. He grew up idolizing his mother, a former bandit turned sheriff, even though he didn’t inherit any of her fighting skills. But when an old family friend needs a spy inside the Petrichor Martial Academy, Sydney finds himself in over his head unraveling a conspiracy to eradicate Nasan’s magical races.

Lanei, an aspiring knight, is running from a life she never wanted. She’s witnessed firsthand how dangerous magic and unchecked power can be, and will stop at nothing to reshape the future. With her acceptance to Petrichor, Lanei is ready to carve out her own destiny.

While Sydney struggles to survive his classes, Lanei’s past threatens to come to light. When a student is murdered, all signs point to Lanei. Now, both must decide who they can trust before it’s too late.

Into the Black is the first in a trilogy of YA Fantasy novels by Brian Work, set for release on August 2. The ebook is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. The paperback will be available for pre-order closer to the August 2 release date.

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