It’s here! Uncommon Law has been four years in the making, and I’m finally ready to unveil the official movie trailer! I’m elated with how well it turned out, and I’m looking forward to premiering the film itself so I can share the finished product with the world. Please check it out & share it with your friends!

Just updated the site with a new section for Videos. It currently features some of my digital shorts, three Michinoku Driver sketch shows, and a couple full-length improv shows with The High Ceilings. Hope you enjoy!

Michinoku Driver returned to the 2015 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival! This year, watch as Brian & John explore the minds of sophisticated sharks, technophile cops, & philosophical puzzle pieces.

Written by & Starring John Ugolini & Brian Work
Directed by Theresa Ohanian
Performed at Stage 773 in Chicago, 1/18/2015

Too cool for MySpace, too proud for Facebook! Michinoku Driver’s Brian Work & John Ugolini share their drama the good old fashioned way… in person! Join them as they take a humorous look at the difficult & defining moments in their lives, exploring themes of love, loss, & disappointment through such skewed lenses as broken bank robbers, lovelorn robots, and lonely zombie hunters.

Written by & Starring John Ugolini & Brian Work
Directed by Theresa Ohanian
Performed at The Public House Theatre in Chicago, 8/28/2014

I was recently the director of photography for the music video for Chris Gorton’s tribute to Angela Lansbury. The video was directed by Larissa Zageris, and was a really fun shoot. I’m happy to share the final product with the world!

I was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by my sister, Holly, and I accepted after last night’s Trashcan Dan show! I’ve made my donation, and you can too at

Watch as Michinoku Driver attempts the unheard of feat of performing a 20 minute condensed version of Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” at the 2014 Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival!

I was recently interviewed to promote my improv group’s upcoming show this Thursday at The Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival. In it, I talk about video games, geekdom, and how The High Ceilings came to be. Give it a read on the Nerd Fest Tumblr! (EDIT: The Chicago Nerd Fest Tumblr no longer exists; a transcript of the interview can now be found right here.)

Also check out this video I made to promote the show, where the members of the High Ceilings transform into Warcraft characters and venture into Azeroth!

Just finished shooting & editing a new digital short for all the fitness freaks out there! “Guilt Free,” is now up on Funny or Die and YouTube!

“Guilt Free”
Written by Justin Smith
Directed by Brian Work
Starring Katie Johnston-Smith, Kaitlin Fleharty, Bobby Hoffman

Brian has posted a new digital short for Valentine’s Day! Go check out “What Is Love?” on Funny or Die and YouTube!