The Uncommon Law premiere was a success! We had a great turnout and it was such a wonderful experience to finally unveil the movie to the public.

Thank you to everyone who was there! I’ll have information on DVDs & Blu-Rays in the next few months. In the meantime, here are a few of the photos from the red carpet and the Q&A with cast/crew!

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My friends Katie Johnston-Smith and Chris Gorton wrote a musical based on Full House, Attend the Tale of Danny Tanner, that will be running at Gorilla Tango Theatre in Chicago on Wednesdays from May 9-June 27. It’s a musical reminiscent of Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd, and promises to be a really fun show.

I did the promotional photos for the show. I’ve posted them below, and you can also see the full gallery on the Brian Work Photography Facebook Page. Check them out and go reserve your tickets now!

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Big thanks to CJ Tuor for helping me out with the setups!

New photos over on the Brian Work Photography Facebook page from The Wonderful Adventures of Brer Rabbit at Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre from August 2010.

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I missed Butch Walker’s concert in Atlanta last week because I was originally supposed to have moved to Chicago by then, and it was already sold out by the time I realized I would still be here due to delays in filming my movie. Fortunately, he announced an acoustic in-store performance at Criminal Records, and I was able to make it to that with my friend Jenna last Sunday! He played four tracks off his new album, The Spade: “Dublin Crow,” “Closest Thing to You I’m Gonna Find” (my favorite off The Spade,) “Synthesizers,” and “Summer of ’89.” It’s always great seeing Butch play live, even if it’s only for a few songs.

What made this one really cool was they had a photobooth set up to help raise money for Criminal Records, where you could get your picture with Butch. And, of course, I did. Pics below!

Yesterday I performed two improv shows with the OTC Comedy Troupe at the Decatur Arts Festival. The festival was packed, so we had really good crowds for both shows. I’d actually say that the second show was the best show we’ve had since I’ve been working with them. There was a man in the audience who’s written a couple books on improv, and he complimented us after the show on how much he enjoyed it, so that was cool. And then when I was walking around the festival later, a kid ran up to me and tugged on my sleeve to tell me I was really funny, and that always makes me smile.

Below are a couple of the photos from the festival. The full set is up on my Flickr.


A couple weeks ago I was photographing a benefit for Henry Medical Center at Gateway Event Center in McDonough, GA. The event, Cirque Du Henry, had a circus theme. As part of that, they had silk dancers, jugglers, and servers in mime makeup. It was a pretty fun event. Here are a few of the photos I took (full set here), as well as a video of one of the silk dancers.


No, that title isn’t a typo. I’m about to let you all in on a secret, for which you can thank me later. A day I’ve been waiting eighteen years for has finally come: Graeter’s ice cream has gone nationwide!

Of all the things I miss about Ohio, Graeter’s ice cream is at the top of the list. When we were little my parents would take us there for a treat, and it was the absolute best. The inside of the store was exactly what a little kid would picture when thinking of an ice cream shop: all white, counters with spinning stools, and rows and rows of flavors. And oh my god, the flavors. They had the most amazing Mint Chip, a Chocolate Coconut Almond Chocolate Chip that tastes just like an Almond Joy, and a Chocolate Chocolate Chip that was to die for. But the flavor that trumps everything else on the face of the earth was their Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip.

Nothing compares to it. Nothing. It’s smooth, it’s creamy, and it tastes like pure euphoria. For years I’ve been trying to find a black raspberry ice cream that is in the same league, and it’s been a futile attempt.  Sure, I’ve encountered a few, but unlike Graeter’s, none of the others had been blessed by angels (the only explanation I can come up with for how good it is.) And it’s not just the ice cream itself that makes it so good: It’s the chocolate. To call them chocolate chips is a bit of a misnomer; they’re actually chunks of chocolate. And not the hard kind of chocolate you get mixed into your ice cream at Baskin Robbins. No, this chocolate melts in your mouth. Also, this is how big the chocolate chips are:

Yeah. It’s pretty insane. Two Christmases ago, my mom & sister ordered a bunch of pints of Graeter’s and had them shipped in from Ohio on dry ice. So it was pretty much the best thing ever.
And then, a few weeks ago, I was walking through the ice cream aisle at Kroger, curious about the new Jimmy Fallon ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s that had potato chips in it. And there it was, the most glorious sight one has ever spotted in a grocery store: Rows of Graeter’s ice cream.
I immediately texted my family and told them of my find (worthy of an Indiana Jones sequel.) My sister who’s living in Texas ran out to her local Kroger and found it there too, confirming that Graeter’s has gone nationwide! Since then, I’ve been telling all my friends or dragging them to Kroger myself to get it for them. Soon, the world will know what they were missing.
So do yourself a favor: Go out to your nearest Kroger and buy some Graeter’s ice cream. Even if you only eat ice cream after a bad break up, take my word for it: This ice cream is worth getting dumped.

Dragon*Con 2010 has come & gone, so I figure it’s time for a little wrap up. I forgot to purchase my pass ahead of time, so I just ended up buying the 2-day Saturday/Sunday pass (although I did go ahead and preregister for next year while it’s cheap.) And also per usual, I didn’t go in costume, although I keep telling myself that one of these days I will. I did, however, take lots of photos.

We ended up playing a few games while we were there. The first was the Photobomb game, where I’d take pictures of cosplayers while one of my friends stood in the background making weird faces.

The other game was Jayne Hat Punch Buggy, courtesy of my friend Nate. It’s like the classic game, except you punch your friend whenever you spot someone wearing a Jayne hat. Despite losing terribly, Freeze decided to buy a hat to commemorate the occasion.

I didn’t go to too many panels, and the ones I did tended to be smaller ones (I’ve had my fill of waiting in line for an hour.) I checked out three writing panels of varying quality, an independent film panel on using your DSLR for filmmaking (which I intend to do for my next short), and a Gargoyles panel featuring Jonathan Frakes & Marina Sirtis.

And now, a few choice photos:

You can check out the rest of my photos on Flickr:
Dragon*Con 2010 (Saturday)
Dragon*Con 2010 (Sunday)

Everyone who knows me who has ever heard me talk about music knows that I’m a huge Butch Walker fan. He is by far my favorite artist, and has been for over a decade now. There’s something about his music and lyrics that really moves me, and is easy for me to relate to. Regardless of the mood I’m in or what I’m feeling at a particular time, he has a song for that (hmm, I think there’s an iPhone add in there…) And not only does he have a song for whatever it is, he has the RIGHT song for it. So anytime I get the chance to see him play live, I jump at it. I’ve jumped almost 20 times now.

Is it really any surprise that this site is named after one of his songs? (note: this was written when the blog was hosted on my domain)

Butch Walker

This was Butch’s final stop on a four city minitour (like a minotaur, but with roadies) that took him from LA, to NY, to Chicago, and finally ATL. He’s had a four show residency in each city, where he takes a night each for his last three albums (Letters, The Rise & Fall of Butch Walker and the Let’s Go Out Tonites, and Sycamore Meadows,) and then one more show that’s a grab bag of songs from throughout his career that was voted on by his fans over Twitter. When I ordered tickets, I had originally intended to buy them for the Letters show, as the grab bag show was sold out & Letters is my favorite album. However, due to a mistake on the Ticketmaster site, the shows had been mislabeled, and I had actually purchased tickets for the grab bag show. In any case, it’s certainly nothing I’d complain about.

My friend Krissy went with me to the concert, and it was her first experience with Butch Walker. She’d probably heard some of his music before just from being around me, but she hadn’t heard any of his albums, let alone seen him live. And seriously, if you want to introduce someone to Butch’s music, the absolute best way is by taking them to one of his shows. The man’s not just a songwriter; he’s a storyteller.

The opening act was Jarrod Gorbel, who I’d heard play before with his former band The Honorary Title at one of Butch’s shows a couple years ago. He played an acoustic set that was really good, and the guy had a great personality and sense of humor (also, he looks like a cross between Jared Leto & Toby Maguire.) I scrounged together the last of the cash I had on me to buy his EP on the way out.

Of course when Butch came out, the place went crazy. Or at least as crazy as a small intimate venue could; he commented that he liked actually being able to see the audience (incidentally, we were able to get seats in the fifth row, which rocked.) Before he started, Butch mentioned how weird it was to be playing some of these songs, as some he hadn’t played in years, some he didn’t think he’d ever played live, and some he never wanted to play again (he’s looking at you, “Vampires in Love.”) But hey, we’d sealed our doom by voting for them, so he was going to play them (cheat sheets and all.)

It was great hearing some of the old favorites I hadn’t heard live in a while (“Let Me Go” and “Every Monday,”) as well as a bluegrassy version of “Valium.” For “Grant Park,” he kicked back and just played the guitar part and let us sing the song back to him, which is always fun; I don’t think I’ve actually heard him sing “Grant Park” in the last six years, even though I know he’s played it several times. He played a number of covers, from the familiar (James’ “Laid” has been a staple for a few years now) to the new (Simon & Garfunkle’s “Cecilia”, which Butch played on a mandolin, and excited my friend because it was the only song she knew all the lyrics to.) Butch also played a couple of tracks off his new album (which can’t get here soon enough), and then ended the evening with an unplugged version of “Take Tomorrow”, a beautiful song in its own right, but so much better when played with just a guitar and a voice, without the aid of amps or mics.

It was an awesome show, as expected. There were a few songs I would have liked to have heard (“Cigarette Lighter Love Song” is my favorite song of all time, and I also would have liked to have heard “Into the Black,” “Stateline,” or “Katrina,”) but I really can’t complain because the show still rocked my socks off (and when it’s twenty degrees outside, that can be a problem.) Below is the full setlist from the show, and all my photos can be found on my Flickr.

Butch Walker Setlist, 7 Stages Theatre, Atlanta, GA – January 13, 2010

  1. Wreck Me (1969)
  2. Let Me Go (Marvelous 3, Hey! Album)
  3. Last Flight Out (Heartwork EP)
  4. All Falls Apart (Unreleased)
  5. Beautiful (Marvelous 3, Ready Sex Go)
  6. Vampires in Love (Marvelous 3, Hey! Album)
  7. Laid (James cover)
  8. Valium (Marvelous 3, Math and Other Problems)
  9. I’m a Believer (Monkees cover)
  10. Half-Japanese Girl (Weezer cover)
  11. Grant Park (Marvelous 3, Ready Sex Go)
  12. Trash Day (I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart)
  13. Mrs. Jackson (Marvelous 3, Hey! Album)
  14. Every Monday (Marvelous 3, Hey! Album)
  15. Cecilia (Simon & Garfunkle cover)
  16. Don’t You Think Someone Should Take You Home (I Liked It Better When You Had No Heart)
  17. Take Tomorrow (Left of Self-Centered)

Butch Walker

Click for more concert photos.