So if you’re wondering why my posts have been more sporadic lately, it’s because I’ve got a number of things on my plate. Aside from the usual work stuff, I’ve got two big projects I’m working on:

1.) I’m in pre-production on my first feature film, Uncommon Law. This has been consuming most of my non-work hours lately. I’m working on screenplay revisions now, along with researching equipment to buy. I was on the phone today ordering replacement parts for my tripod (harder to track down than you’d think), debating on fronting the cost for some high-end lights, and hoping I can find someone who’ll loan me a Canon 7D so I don’t have to buy that, too. It’d be great if I could find a reliable production manager who I could delegate some of the planning tasks to, so I can focus more on the artistic side.

2.) Still slowly chipping away on my novel. I started work on it last November, but recently I decided to toss out the existing chapters and start from scratch. It wasn’t that the writing was bad, but more that I felt the story could be better told in a different style. I had been writing the book from multiple POVs (ala A Song of Ice & Fire), but realized that the story didn’t NEED multiple perspectives in order to be told. Beyond that, I realized that the story I was telling wasn’t the most effective way to open up an ongoing series and introduce people to this world. So I’ve put all that to the side, and am instead starting fresh with something new. I’ve got tons of pages worth of notes about the characters and the world they inhabit (Scrivener is my friend), and I’m excited to go further with it. You know, after I’ve got the movie wrapped; until then, this is low priority.

I’ve got a couple other things in the works, but they’re still in the very early stages. I’m meeting with someone about another project tomorrow, and if all goes well I’ll have something else to announce here soon.