So the new Spider-Man musical has been all over the news in the last week. Seems like the budget has ballooned to $65 million, and the first preview performance was littered with problems, including five stoppages that left the actors suspended above the audience. I’m not so concerned by that, seeing as it’s a preview performance a month ahead of opening, and there are bound to be issues with all the technical wizardry that goes into a production like this.

I’m more concerned by reports that the musical itself isn’t that good. I’m still not too keen on the fact that they’re supposedly revamping the history of a beloved comic book character; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it for the sake of doing something different. The plot of Spider-Man, regardless of the medium it’s portrayed in, shouldn’t be a convoluted affair. It’s Spider-Man. We all know it. We all love it. Just putting it on Broadway in a musical form is enough to make it different. But as long as “Turn Off the Dark” doesn’t feature a dance sequence with an emo Tobey Maguire, it’ll automatically be better than Spider-Man 3.

I’m sad that some of the original cast had to drop out because of the delays. I would have liked to have seen Alan Cumming as the Green Goblin & Evan Rachel Wood as Mary Jane. Still, I like the idea of Reeve Carney as Peter Parker. His band, Carney, does some good music, and although I haven’t seen him act, I can’t wait to see him in Julie Taymor’s film adaptation of The Tempest when it comes out next week.

Even though I’m not expecting it to be the greatest musical ever, I still want to trek to New York to see it. If nothing else, I think it’ll be a fun show, and one that you’d have to experience on Broadway. I don’t see it going on national tours, and any regional productions would have to be drastically toned down in order to be possible.

Here’s a 60 Minutes special on the upcoming show. I gotta say, it looks really cool, and it’s got me pretty excited.