I’m leaving Chicago to move to Atlanta in a couple weeks, and before I left I wanted to do one last show with my original Chicago improv team, The High Ceilings. We all met going through the iO training program and had a good run as a team. I figured what better way to close out my time in Chicago than with some of my best friends at one of our favorite venues, Back Room Comedy at The Atlantic in Lincoln Square.

High Ceilings

I was recently the director of photography for the music video for Chris Gorton’s tribute to Angela Lansbury. The video was directed by Larissa Zageris, and was a really fun shoot. I’m happy to share the final product with the world!

I was nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by my sister, Holly, and I accepted after last night’s Trashcan Dan show! I’ve made my donation, and you can too at alsa.org.

Michinoku Driver’s “Off the Record” is now open, every Thursday in August at the Public House Theatre in Chicago! In honor of that, I wanted to share the second show poster and the notes in the program from our fantastic director, Theresa Ohanian. Come check it out!

Off the Record poster 2

Off the Record director's notes

Tonight was The Buzz Feed Plays over at the Public House Theatre, which featured a short play that I wrote called “It’s All Relative.” Turns out that I really like the idea of a sitcom starring FDR & Eleanor Roosevelt with a pervy Albert Einstein as the wacky next door neighbor. The play was directed by Bobby Hoffman, and starred Bobby Hoffman, Nora Best, & David Wilhelm.

My two man sketch group, Michinoku Driver, opens our sketch show “Off the Record” this Thursday at the Public House Theatre in Chicago! This is a revamped version of our show from this year’s Chicago Sketchfest, and we’re really excited to get it out there for everyone. In between sketches in the show, we open up about ourselves and tell some very personal stories from our pasts. If you’re in Chicago, we hope you can make it out!

Michinoku Driver presents “Off the Record”
Written by & Starring John Ugolini & Brian Work.
Directed by Theresa Ohanian
Thursdays in August (8/7, 8/14, 8/21, 8/28) at 10pm
The Public House Theatre (3914 N Clark Street)

Too cool for MySpace, too proud for Facebook! Michinoku Driver’s Brian Work & John Ugolini share their drama the good old fashioned way… in person! Join them as they take a humorous look at the difficult & defining moments in their lives, exploring themes of love, loss, & disappointment through such skewed lenses as broken bank robbers, lovelorn robots, and lonely zombie hunters.

Off the Record

A short play that I wrote will be featured in The BuzzFeed Plays, a night of 5-minute plays based on BuzzFeed articles. My play, “It’s All Relative,” is based on the bastion of journalistic integrity that is 18 Photos of Albert Einstein Looking Super Chill. If you’ve ever wondered what a sitcom would be like starring FDR & Eleanor Roosevelt with Albert Einstein as the wacky next door neighbor, then this is your chance!

The BuzzFeed Plays
Wednesday, August 6, 2014 @ 10pm
The Public House Theatre (Chicago, IL – Lakeview)
Tickets $5

BuzzFeed Plays