Just updated the site with a new section for Videos. It currently features some of my digital shorts, three Michinoku Driver sketch shows, and a couple full-length improv shows with The High Ceilings. Hope you enjoy!

I’m incredibly excited about the fantastic soundtrack we’ve assembled for Uncommon Law. It’s a great combination of artists, ranging from a band I’ve been a fan of for years (Jonas Sees In Color), friends from all walks of life (college, Florida, Chicago, & my old video game website,) and even a track from my cousin. Music does wonders in setting the tone for a movie, and I’m confident that we’ve assembled the perfect soundtrack for this movie.

Uncommon Law Soundtrack Listing (web)

Uncommon Law is FINALLY in the last phase of post-production! The last four years of my life have been spent writing, producing, directing, & editing this movie, & I’m happy to say that it’s just about ready to see the light of day. Within the coming weeks I’ll be releasing a trailer and posting info on screenings in Atlanta & Chicago. Please like the Uncommon Law FB page and/or sign up for my newsletter to get updates on the film as it nears completion! Thank you!

Michinoku Driver returned to the 2015 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival! This year, watch as Brian & John explore the minds of sophisticated sharks, technophile cops, & philosophical puzzle pieces.

Written by & Starring John Ugolini & Brian Work
Directed by Theresa Ohanian
Performed at Stage 773 in Chicago, 1/18/2015

Good news! Michinoku Driver has been accepted to the 2015 Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival! We’ll be performing on Sunday, January 18th @ 8pm. Last year we debuted our show “Off the Record”, which we went on to perform at the Public House Theatre for a run in August. We’re already hard at work putting together a brand new show for everyone next year!

Too cool for MySpace, too proud for Facebook! Michinoku Driver’s Brian Work & John Ugolini share their drama the good old fashioned way… in person! Join them as they take a humorous look at the difficult & defining moments in their lives, exploring themes of love, loss, & disappointment through such skewed lenses as broken bank robbers, lovelorn robots, and lonely zombie hunters.

Written by & Starring John Ugolini & Brian Work
Directed by Theresa Ohanian
Performed at The Public House Theatre in Chicago, 8/28/2014

I’m leaving Chicago to move to Atlanta in a couple weeks, and before I left I wanted to do one last show with my original Chicago improv team, The High Ceilings. We all met going through the iO training program and had a good run as a team. I figured what better way to close out my time in Chicago than with some of my best friends at one of our favorite venues, Back Room Comedy at The Atlantic in Lincoln Square.

High Ceilings