I Like Movies: The Truth About Average Guys (2009)

Scrambling for ways to find something in common with a captivatingly beautiful colleague who has a mentally challenged sister, ho-hum Jason hires his down-and-out actor pal, Troy, to pose as his mentally challenged brother. But just how long can the scheming friends keep up their elaborate charade?

I found The Truth About Average Guys on Netflix and the description caught my eye, but what really pushed me to watch it was when I hopped over to IMDB and read that it was made for $5,000. I go into production on my low budget film in a few months, so I was really interested in seeing what someone else had done on a minimal budget.

I’ll get this out of the way first: The production value isn’t spectacular, as would be expected given the amount of money they were working with. Some scenes were poorly lit, audio went in & out, and there were a number of jarring jump cuts and weird transition effects in the editing.

That said, I absolutely love this movie! It is by far one of the funniest comedies I’ve seen in a long time. While the plot summary sounds like it could be crude and offensive, they didn’t go that route. The movie doesn’t make fun of the mentally disabled, but instead gets its humor out of the lengths to which an insecure guy will go to get the girl of his dreams.

I’ve already watched TTAAG multiple times, and have made a point of showing it to a number of my friends. It really proves that with a funny script, a solid story, and good acting, you can make an entertaining movie even on a shoestring budget. On that level, this movie was really inspirational to me, and gives me hope for my prospects with shooting Uncommon Law. I’ve emailed back and forth a little with the directors, Ken Gayton & Jason Schaver of Adjusted Gratuity, and they’re really nice guys who gave me some good advice for my project.

If you’re looking for a funny movie by some up-and-coming people in the industry, give this one a watch.

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