Super Villains in Love

My new digital short, “Super Villains in Love” is now online at Funny or Die & YouTube! Go check it out and help me spread the link around! And remember, if you see an evil genius walking around this Valentine’s Day, perhaps looking forlornly at some fresh flowers in a window, give him a hug. Even the insanely evil need a little love from time to time.

Of all the digital shorts I’ve made, I’ve probably put the most time into this one. Between writing, planning, shooting, & editing, I’ve got at least 24 hours invested in this baby. A lot of it is because I was trying out several new things with this short, making it a test run in some ways for the feature I’m planning to shoot.

Rather than shoot on my PD-150 that I’ve been using for the last eight years, I shot this one on my Canon Rebel T1i. It was a completely different experience shooting on a DSLR, and was made more difficult by the fact that I was also in front of the camera for the whole thing; it also didn’t help that I need to replace the head on my good tripod, so I was stuck doing only static shots on an old crappy tripod. I can get better picture quality on my Rebel because I can shoot in HD & use my good lenses, but the downside is that it doesn’t have an audio input. This required me to hook my mic up to my PD-150, record the sound on there, and then sync the two up in post. It’s not ideal, but it’s the setup I’m stuck with until I can afford a Zoom H4n audio recorder.

On top of that, the audio for the second scene I shot was completely unusable because the location was right across from the freeway. For that, I had to sit down in a quiet room with Lacey and re-record the lines while watching the video with headphones on, and then match up all the lines as best I could (or should I say, Sean used his degree in audio to guide me through the whole process.) So I got a nice first-hand lesson in how to do ADR.

Finally, I sat down with Kelly for three hours and worked on the music for the whole thing. This is the first short for which I’ve had a custom score, and it was an unusual experience. He already had a few ideas from watching a rough cut, so he showed me some ideas, I told him what I’d been thinking, and we watched it through about a gazillion times while trying out different things. It was tough trying to direct music, finding the terms that best got across what I was thinking, but he was able to decipher my grasps at coherency and produced a score that’s a great fit.

This short has been a fantastic learning experience, and I’m really proud of the finished product. Give it a watch & share it with your friends!

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