The Dark Knight Rises a little higher

Off course a few days after I make a post about how the best news about the upcoming The Dark Knight Risesis that it will be shot in 2D, they go and make an announcement about the cast. So I have no choice but to fanboy out and talk about that too.

The rumors had been floating around for a while that Catwoman would be in the movie, so there’s been plenty of speculation about who would be donning the skintight latex. And I’ve gotta say, I love the choice of Anne Hathaway. As far as beauty & talent go amongst young actresses, she’s tough to top (see Rachel Getting Married.)

Outside of the costume, I think she’ll make a great Selina Kyle. Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman was great in its own right, but it didn’t quite sync up with the Catwoman I know from the comics. My guess is that Nolan’s Catwoman is going to be closer to that found in Batman Year One. By actually being Selina Kyle, it’s already guaranteed to be leaps and bounds above the Halle Berry atrocity.

The other casting news is that Tom Hardy will be playing Bane, and this is the one that’s got me really excited. I loved him in Inception, and Knightfall is one of my favorite Batman story arcs. The biggest challenge that Bane poses is that, unfortunately, most moviegoers identify him with the brainless thug from Batman & Robin (a movie that, like Catwoman, is best forgotten.)

In truth, Bane is a brilliant tactician, and one of Batman’s more worthy adversaries, both in strength and intellect. I mean come on, Bane broke Batman’s back and took him out of action for a nice long time. You don’t do that by being a mindless thug. With Nolan’s Batman world being somewhat more realistic than the comics or the older Batman movies, I’m curious to see how they treat the Venom drug that Bane uses to amp up his strength.

My friend NeoKefka brought up a good point on his blog, that Bane is a great choice because he poses a significant physical threat to Batman, whereas Scarecrow & the Joker were both mental guys. It also takes the movie in a different direction, which was necessary after Heath Ledger’s iconic take on the Joker.

July 20, 2012. Get here faster.

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