I Like Movies: Ink (2009)

My Netflix Instant Queue is packed. When I say that, what I really mean is that it’s at the 500 movie limit, because anytime I see a movie pop up in recommendations that looks like it might be interesting, I add it. It also means that a lot of the movies I end up watching are the ones that are set be removed from Instant Watch.

Yesterday, that movie was Ink (2009). I hadn’t heard anything about it, but the description intrigued me:

Late one night, a lost soul named Ink snatches 8-year-old Emma into the world of dreams. There, he hopes to use her soul to join the ranks of the evil Incubi. In the real world, Emma lies comatose, to the despair of her father, John. But the Incubi’s benevolent opposites — the Storytellers — rally to help Emma, motivating John to wage war for his daughter.

To be perfectly honest, when I added it I thought it might be an anime. Turns out, it was a really well done indie film. Moreover, it was a great example of how much you can do on a small budget. The movie only cost $250,000 to make, but if it had been made by a major studio, that number could have easily soared to $25 million by ramping up the effects.

Creative storytelling trumps just about anything in my book, including millions of dollars in special effects. And I loved the way this story was told, going back and forth between parallel worlds. The story was intriguing and touching, and the acting was really solid as well.

Now, that’s not to say the movie lacked special effects; in fact, it had some really cool ones. The Incubi looked completely badass, and the fight scenes were pretty sweet. There were a lot of nice little touches here & there that added a lot to the atmosphere.

According to IMDB, the filmmakers were unable to get a distributor, so instead they self-released in indie cinemas and on DVD/Blu-ray. But what I think is really cool is that they embraced piracy; the movie was downloaded over 400,000 times in a single week on torrent sites, which led to higher DVD/Blu-ray sales.

If you’re looking for a cool movie that’s a little bit different, give Ink a look. You can watch it for free on a lot of sites, including Hulu and Fancast.

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