It’s official: CoCo’s coming to TBS!

At long last, an official announcement has been made about Conan O’Brien’s future on television! Despite rampant belief that he would be going to Fox, it was revealed today that he will be making the move to TBS at 11pm starting in November. This came as a big surprise to me, since all of the talk had been about Fox, and TBS hadn’t seemed to even be factoring in to the equation.

The other reason I hadn’t given much thought to TBS was the fact that they already have a late night show with George Lopez. But now, with the addition of Conan, it appears that they’re looking to be a real contender. A detailfrom the reports that I particularly liked was how Lopez himself was actually instrumental in making this deal come together. Conan originally rejected TBS’s pitch because he didn’t want to do to Lopez what NBC did to him, and it was a call from Lopez that convinced Conan to jump on board.

Now that I think about it, it’s actually a good move on all parts. Conan moves to a station that’s excited to have him & whose median demographic is younger than that of the broadcast networks, and Lopez gets a solid lead-in to help boost his own ratings. I’ll be glad to have Conan starting a full half hour before Leno & Letterman, which should hopefully give him some edge. The only downside I see to this is that now he’s going directly up against Jon Stewart & Steven Colbert, who go after the same audience as CoCo. This is less of an issue for me, since I usually watch the late night reruns of the Daily Show & Colbert Report, but I’m less sure about others.

I’m excited, and can’t wait until November so I can start getting my Conan fix again!

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