Obligatory Oscar Post

I’m fairly certain that as an actor/writer/filmmaker, I’m legally obligated to make a blog post giving my two cents on the Oscars, regardless of how insignificant those pennies may be (in other words, I was looking for an excuse to write something.) So here we go!

  • Neil Patrick Harris should be on every awards show ever.
  • Loved Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin co-hosting the show. Their opening bit was hilarious, and the two really have a great natural chemistry.
  • Robert Downey Jr. & Tina Fey presenting together may have been the highlight of the night. Those two really need to do a movie together.
  • I know he was the odds-on favorite, but I was still so glad to see Christoph Waltz win for Inglorious Basterds. When I watched that movie in theatres, I was in awe of his character, and was hoping then that he’d be recognized.
  • Gabourey Sidibe melts my heart every time I see her. She’s adorable, and I’ve loved her in every interview I’ve seen her give.
  • For the first time ever, a Star Trek movie won an Oscar. Nice.
  • Michael Giacchino’s acceptance speech for the music in Up was the kind of speech I would want to give, telling young people not to give up on their dreams if they want to do something in the arts.
  • Sandy Powell’s acceptance speech for The Young Victoria was a great example of good sentiment (‘there are a lot of great costume designers who don’t get recognized because they don’t do period films’) combined with utterly horrid execution (“I have so many of these already!”)
  • I really hope that Elinor Burkett gets blacklisted for Kanye-ing Roger Ross Williams’ acceptance speech for Music By Prudence. The poor guy was so excited to be up there, and then she hijacked his time & he had to shout just to acknowledge the subject of his movie! I looked up the actual story on what the deal was with that whole thing, and apparently the crazy woman was a producer who had been cut from the production a year earlier because she didn’t want Music By Prudence to be about, you know, Prudence. What a great person, huh?
  • I really didn’t like the exorbitant amounts of praise lavished upon the Best Actor/Actress nominees. Oprah’s was classy & Colin Farrell’s was funny & down to earth, but other than that it was bordering on Will Farrell’s parody of James Lipton on SNL. Seriously guys, that was too much.
  • The Hurt Locker was a good movie, and Kathryn Bigelow did a fantastic job directing it. That said, I don’t feel like it should have won all the awards that it got. I’m not saying it didn’t deserve to be nominated, but in most categories I felt like there were other films that did a much better job.
    • Best Original Screenplay deserved to go to Quentin Tarantino for Inglorious Basterds; there were things that stood out to me about Hurt Locker, but the screenplay wasn’t one of them (in fact, that’s where I felt it was lacking the most.)
    • Both Avatar and Star Trek were more deserving of the awards for Sound Editing & Sound Mixing; the sound in Hurt Locker didn’t strike me as being all that spectacular.
    • Again, it was very well directed, but it was well directed in the same way that lots of great films are well directed every year. Meanwhile, James Cameron broke new ground with Avatar and did something that had never been done before, and I feel that’s more deserving of recognition for an award entitled “Best Achievement in Directing.”
    • As for Best Picture, I know which one of those two I enjoyed more, which one people actually saw, and which one I’ll still be watching 5-10 years from now.

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