One week away from my show at The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival with Michinoku Driver! Check out our awesome Boondock Saints inspired poster below. Click here to purchase tickets!

Michinoku Driver Sketchfest Poster

Tickets are now on sale for my show at The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival with Michinoku Driver! The show is on Sunday, January 12 @ 2pm in The Cab at Stage 773. Check out the show description below and then click here to purchase tickets!

Michinoku Driver – Closure: Sometimes life has you pinned to the mat, and sometimes you just have to take a steel chair to its head. Michinoku Driver’s Brian Work & John Ugolini take a humorous look at the difficult & defining moments in their lives, exploring themes of love, loss, & disappointment through such skewed lenses as broken bank robbers, existential board games, and lonely vampire hunters.

After more than two years of hard work, my first feature film, Uncommon Law, is finally nearing completion! It’s a pretty amazing feeling to see where it’s at & how close it is to being done. Please click this link and like the FB page to follow its progress. Thanks!

Michinoku Driver, my two man comedy group with John Ugolini, won the Stage 773 Sketch Laugh Battle, earning us a spot in The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival in January! We’re excited & grateful for everyone who came out & showed their support.

I recently signed on to be Director of Photography for a TV pilot called “Out on a Limb.” Here’s a shot of me getting prepped for the first day of shooting.

Out on a Limb

This weekend I ventured to New York City with my improv group, The High Ceilings, to perform at the Del Close Marathon. We had a blast and were honored to be a part of the festival!

The High Ceilings at DCM

I was recently interviewed to promote my improv group’s upcoming show this Thursday at The Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival. In it, I talk about video games, geekdom, and how The High Ceilings came to be. Give it a read on the Nerd Fest Tumblr! (EDIT: The Chicago Nerd Fest Tumblr no longer exists; a transcript of the interview can now be found right here.)

Also check out this video I made to promote the show, where the members of the High Ceilings transform into Warcraft characters and venture into Azeroth!